Self defense and law enforcement devices.


Most reliable – In-house lab guarantees the heat level of our police-strength pepper spray

Protects against multiple threats – Up to 5x more spray than the competition

Affordable, compact defense against multiple threats at a safe distance

Aerko International

Founded in 1969, Aerko International is a contract aerosol manufacturer located in Oakland Park, Fla.

Aerko specializes in 3 specific areas:

-Self Defense & Law Enforcement Devices
-Contract Aerosol Packaging
-Concrete Mold Release

Fox Labs International

Fox Labs International was founded in 1992, and has been supplying the best-informed law enforcement agencies in the world with superlateve products since 1994. They are the best informed because they really know the facts about products in these categories.

Family owned and operated since 2009 SHOP NOW !!!
  • Specializing in quality self defense products

“God has blessed Rebecca and I with a family business designed to serve others. If a self defense product that we provide or anything that we do today saves one life, we have done our job. Your safety is personal to us.”

-Scott and Rebecca Fowler


“I’m a retired police officer, during my service I carried a Taser and Freeze + P. Before you can carry them, you have to go through training. I wont lie, being tased HURTS like you wont believe. After 5 seconds it’s over, but being sprayed with Freeze + P is like hot sand being rubbed in your eyes and your skin is burning like it is on fire, even after a cold shower, I hurt for over 24 hours!”

archangel9312, May 8, 2014 archangel9312, May 8, 2014